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Innovative Applications

The innovative Ultrafloor system was pioneered in New South Wales during the early 1990's and after extensive use in the Sydney-Newcastle region is now available across the whole of Australia.

Ultrafloor saves developers and builders money due to its ease of construction and reduction in construction time.

Ultrafloor was developed to reduce propping and eliminate costly and wasteful formwork from the process of constructing a reinforced concrete suspended floor, and to create a quick and simple installation procedure.

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The Ultrafloor System

  1. Precast prestressed concrete beams are laid out on a grid according to the geometry of the building and spaced appropriately, supported onto the primary structure (loadbearing masonry, precast walls, steel frames or reinforced concrete beams). Better still, they can be supported onto Ultrafloor reinforced or post-tensioned band systems.
  2. 13mm thick fibre-cement formboard is placed between the Ultrafloor beams to act as permanent, lost formwork.
  3. A light reinforcing mesh is placed over the surface and services, penetrations, sleeves etc are positioned.
  4. Additional reinforcement may be fixed where needed to create continuous action over supports or for a composite section with greater load-carrying capacity where spans are longer. Band beam reinforcement is also placed at this stage.
  5. The concrete is poured to a thickness of 90mm or 100mm depending on the system selected, creating a structural composite section of 180mm or 200mm depth.

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