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ULTRAshell Band Beams

Ultrashells are precast, pre-stressed, beam shells which are used to provide a fast, cost effective solution to any band beam design. Ultrashell bands can be easily connected to concrete columns, steel columns, piers or load bearing walls.

Band depths of 290mm to 600mm, and widths of 600mm up to 2400mm are possible. Reinforced Ultrashell beams can span up to 11m, with greater spans possible via the addition of Post Tensioning cables.

All shell beams are produced using a specially designed 65 MPa concrete mix and are pre-stressed with 9.5mm low-relaxation steel strands under the strictest ISO 9001 quality controlled conditions.                                                                             

View a typical ULTRAshell Band Beam section                      



ULTRAshell Range

Ultrashells come in four heights and are available as single 600mm wide shells, or double 1200mm wide shells. Sizes are denoted by height ~ 100,150, 200 and 250.

                         100US                                            150US             

                          200US                                           250US  

           Download Section Property and  Capacity Tables

Other Considerations 

  • Engineering Design
  • Steel Reinforcement
  • Post Tensioning
  • Concrete Topping 
  • Temporary Propping 
  • Support Formwork 

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