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How do we achieve fire protection integrity at party walls etc?

By dropping the in-situ concrete over the walls to provide continuous bearing.

How do you accommodate pipes and services passing through the Ultrafloor slab?

By adjusting beam locations so that penetrations fall within the infill zone.

Can the Ultrafloor beams be cantilevered? If so, by how much?

Ultrafloor can be cantilevered.
The beam ends are generally propped during construction. The maximum span of the cantilever is dependent on the type of system used, the applied loads and the slab backspan.

Who supplies the support steelwork?

Ultrafloor generally only supplies steelwork which supports Ultrafloor and is located within the depth of the system. The quote that is received by the Client will stipulate what steel will be designed and supplied by Ultrafloor.

How do we achieve setdowns in topping slab for bathrooms etc?

There are three methods available:

  1. Beams can be locally set down which is accommodated in the support structure.
  2. Extra topping can be added to the slab in areas outside the required set down zone.
  3. Standard topping could be reduced in the set down area up to 20mm.
  4. A mix of Ultrafloor beam sizes can be used for, i.e. 150R’s in the setdowns and 200R’s elsewhere.

What do I need to do when asked for temporary propping under beams? How long should I leave props in place?

A line of props must be located to support Ultrafloor during construction where indicated on the Ultrafloor drawings. For a single slab level they should remain in place for a minimum of seven days after the topping slab is poured. The Technical Department must be contacted if props are required to be removed prior to seven days, or if the slab is to be used to carry substantial stacking loads or additional slab levels.

Are there any special requirements/treatments when Ultrafloor is used in an external application?

The following requirements are generally necessary:

  1. Additional topping over beams to achieve cover requirements to reinforcement.
  2. A larger mesh should be used to provide a higher degree of crack control.
  3. The strength of the concrete used on the topping slab generally increases.
  4. Falls within the topping are required for drainage.
  5. A flexible waterproof membrane should be applied.

Can I use Ultrafloor as a roof to my building in an exposed situation? What treatment is required?

Ultrafloor can be used in roof applications.

The insulation, waterproofing and use of slip joints at external walls should always be considered.

What size mesh do I use over the beams?

SL72 mesh is used as a minimum in all systems. Larger mesh sizes may be required dependent on the degree of crack control required by the client. In interior cases with standard topping, the SL72 mesh will provide a minor degree of cracking.

Who do I contact to organize a Site measure after receipt of Ultrafloor drawings?

Please contact the installer whose name should appear on the Document Transmittal form received with Ultrafloor Installation drawings. Alternatively contact the Sales Representative for your area.


Can I use powder actuated fastening systems into Ultrafloor beams?

Ultrafloor does not recommend the use of these connection systems as concrete could spall affecting the capacity of the beams.

Can the Ultrafloor beams be cantilevered? If so, by how much?

Ultrafloor can be cantilevered.

The end of the beams are generally propped during construction. The maximum span of the cantilever is dependent on the type of system used, the applied loads and the slab backspan.

Can holes be cored through the beams?

Beams should generally not be cored without first contacting the Ultrafloor Technical Department for advice. It is possible to add extra beams into the design so that future penetrations can be cored as required (must be requested early, i.e. prior to quotation). For larger penetrations seel saddles should be utilised and incorporated into the design.

Who designs cantilevers, reinforcement, connections to concrete stairs etc?

All reinforcement which is utilised by Ultrafloor to achieve the structural adequacy of the system would normally be designed by Ultrafloor. All other reinforcement should be designed by the Engineer on the project.

What are the fire ratings of the various Ultrafloor systems?

The fire rating for the general Ultrafloor slab system is 2 hours.


I would like to get a firm quote for my job, what do I need to do or who do I need to contact?

To obtain a quote for any of our products please call 1800 858 723, or email us at info@ultrafloor.com.

Where can I purchase lintels from? (List of Distributors)

Please refer to our Lintel Distributor List.

How much lead-time should I allow in my construction programme from time of site measure to installation?

The amount of lead time is generally related to the size of the project. For a standard residential project a three day turnaround would be a minimum requirement.

What is an indicative cost to complete the slab (incl mesh & formwork & concrete) after the Ultrafloor component is complete?

An approximate cost over and above the Ultrafloor component of the suspended floor would be $50/sq m. However this may fluctuate depending on which floor system is installed, what rate you pay for concrete, etc, etc.