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Woolworths Head Office Bella Vista – Carpark

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12 December 2019



Until the mid-1990s the Bella Vista area was primarily used for small-scale agriculture but today it is home to a mix of prestigious residential pockets and a busy business district. At it’s commercial heart lies the Norwest Business Park which incorporates retail, commercial, industrial and hotel developments.

In 2006, Woolworths consolidated its corporate headquarters into a 100,000m2 office complex in Norwest Business Park, joining fellow corporates ResMed, AAMI and the RBA in calling this area home. Carparking for employees is a high priority for corporates in this precinct with competition for spaces a hotly contested daily ritual.

Many factors influenced decisions about the construction of a purpose built facility for Woolworths employees not least of which was the need for a fast build of the car parking facility as this was a crucial element in minimising disruption for staff and also for the local traffic flows which are heavily congested throughout the morning and afternoon peaks.

Ultrafloor was chosen as the preferred structural system and was actively involved with the D&C Contractor, Buildcorp during the design phase and throughout the tender period where the Ultrafloor scheme was heavily favoured due to the buildability and budget efficiencies it provided.

To meet the specific challenges of this project Ultrafloor designed a table-formed PT banded solution with the Ultrafloor 250C/1270 System for the floor slab. The curved ramps did not form part of the Ultrafloor scope for this project.

The systematised nature of Ultrafloor allows for extremely fast installation rates and on this project in excess of 800m2 of the finished Ultrafloor system was installed by just 8 men and crane crew in a single day.

The column layout called for a carpark grid of up to 10.8m allowing four car spaces, with cantilevered bands of up to 3m.

Ultrafloor was chosen for their demonstrable ability to meet tight programmes, their extensive experience with car parking structures and the cost effectiveness of the Ultrafloor solution.

To watch the Ultrafloor team install 800m2 of Ultrafloor in one day with just a team of 8 men please click on the video link.