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  • Short lead time – Beams can be delivered and installed as soon as 2 to 4 weeks after an order is placed.
  • Greatly reduced construction time – Up to 500m2of Ultrafloor can be installed by a single 5 person crew per day.
  • Safe working deck– Beams and infill form an instant safe working deck.
  • Minimal, or no propping required – Immediate access below the finished deck means following trades can finish sooner.


  • Structural permanent formwork – i.e. no formwork stripping is required.
  • Significant reduction in concrete – Slab self weights are reduced by 20% to 45%, meaning lighter transfer loads and smaller footings.
  • Structurally efficient slabs – Ribbed slabs are the most efficient slab designs, as they only use concrete exactly where it’s needed.
  • Less labour required on-site – A typical Ultrafloor crew, capable of installing up to 500m2 per day, consists of 5 men or less.
  • Reduction in site waste – Site waste is minimal compared with the amount of timber formwork waste generated when forming and stripping a conventional slab.

Cost Savings

  • Concrete savings – Average concrete volumes are reduced by 20% to 45%, with a standard 32Mpa mix typically specified.
  • Reinforcement savings – Reinforcement rates are reduced by up to 50% as the Ultrafloor beams also act as bottom reinforcement.
  • Waste minimisation – As Ultrafloor site waste is minimal there are significant waste disposal savings compared with conventional formwork.
  • Reduced construction time – The Ultrafloor system enables construction programs to be compressed by weeks or even months.
  • Full design service – We have an experienced design team and provide a comprehensive design, drafting and certification service for all our slabs.


  • Site tolerances easily accommodated – Compared with fully precast floors, Ultrafloor is readily able to cope with common site tolerance issues.
  • Penetrations are not a problem – Ultrafloor beam locations can be adjusted to miss penetrations as required and holes are easily cut in the infill sheets.
  • Full depth slab thickenings possible – Slab thickenings (“set downs”) are easily achieved for structural, fire, acoustic and thermal requirements.
  • Adaptable to any building shape – Beams can be placed at any angle which means that even curved buildings can benefit from the Ultrafloor system.
  • Wide range of beams – We have an extensive range of beam sizes which allows for ultimate flexibility in the design and construction of a concrete floor.

Sound & Thermal Ratings

  • Increased Acoustic ratings – Ultrafloor ribbed slabs achieve higher acoustic ratings than a conventional flat slab.
  • Increased Thermal ratings – Similar to the acoustic benefits, increases in R values are achieved by using the Ultra floor ribbed slab system.



  • No wasted Timber formwork – Timber formwork is typically not re-cycled after its use, unlike permanent structural formwork where there is no waste.
  • Reduction in Concrete – De-materialisation of between 20 to 45% is achieved depending on the system used.
  • Reduction in Reinforcement – De-materialisation of up to 50% is possible depending on the system used.
  • Increased Thermal ratings – Thermally efficient floors lead to a reduction in long term heating and cooling costs over the life of a structure.

Design & Certification

  • Complete slab design service – Ultrafloor offer complete packages including design and detailing.
  • Full design certification – Shop drawings are fully certified by Ultrafloor and need not be signed off by the project engineer.
  • High quality construction – All products are of a very high standard and are manufactured off-site under strict quality controlled factory conditions.
  • Full Code compliance – Ultra floor is accredited to ISO 9001 and complies with all relevant Australian standards and Building Codes.