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Slab Systems

Ribbed Slab Systems

We have an extensive range of precast, pre-stressed, slab systems which provide a fast, cost effective and simple solution for any suspended slab requirement.

Project specific slab designs are created using an optimised combination of pre-stressed slab beams in conjunction with our infill options.

The system achieves full composite action with slab depths of 190mm to 400mm possible and beam centres ranging from 480mm up to 1470mm.


Our pre-stressed beam range has been developed and continuously refined over the last three decades.

All beams are produced using a specially designed 65 MPa concrete mix and are pre-stressed with 9.5mm low-relaxation steel strands under the strictest ISO 9001 quality controlled conditions.


Slab Beam Range

We have three beam ranges which are denoted by their widths ~ R-Beams (130mm), M-Beams (190mm) and C-Beams (250mm).

Download Section Property and Capacity Tables

Infill Options

Form Board Infill

Fibre cement reinforced infill has been purpose made for the Ultrafloor system. The standard infill width is 450mm. However, 400mm and 500mm infill can be used in particular applications.

Metal Infill

Metal deck is used with our C & M-Beam ranges and allows for beam spacings of up to 1470mm. Standard infill widths are 660, 965 and 1270mm