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Slab Systems

Ribbed Slab Systems We have an extensive range of precast, pre-stressed, slab systems which provide a fast, cost effective and simple solution for any suspended slab requirement. Project specific slab designs are created using an optimised combination of pre-stressed slab beams in conjunction with our infill options. The system achieves full composite action with slab depths of 190mm to 400mm possible and beam centres ranging from 480mm up to 1470mm.   […]

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ULTRAbearers Ultrafloor bearers provide an extremely efficient method for constructing suspended low lying slabs (i.e. ground floor) and detention tank lids. The bearers are used in conjunction with a traditional Ultrafloor slab to create a concrete bearer and joist flooring system. As no propping or formwork is required, the Ultrafloor system is the cheapest, fastest and most durable solution for constructing a suspended slab when underside […]

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ULTRAlintels We have two lintel sizes available 110mm x 80mm and 110mm x 170mm, which suit standard brick courses and can be easily rendered, lined with plasterboard or external sheeting. Ultralintels are pre-stressed and made from high strength concrete (65MPa) which gives the lintels their superior structural capacity. Because Ultralintels are made from such high quality concrete they are much more durable than steel lintels. This makes […]

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Precast Band Beams

ULTRAshell Band Beams Ultrashells are precast, pre-stressed, beam shells which are used to provide a fast, cost effective solution to any band beam design. Ultrashell bands can be easily connected to concrete columns, steel columns, piers or load bearing walls. Band depths of 290mm to 600mm, and widths of 600mm up to 2400mm are possible. Reinforced Ultrashell beams can span […]

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Special Precast Items

Ultrafloor can manufacture a wide range of specialised precast products on request. In most instances these items are ancillary works for projects already using a standard Ultrafloor system. Precast Items include: Balcony Edge Beams Balcony Balustrades Balcony Shells Flat Slabs Stadium Seating For special precast enquiries please contact our Sales Department on 1800 858 723,or email us at info@ultrafloor.com.

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