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Belconnen Markets

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20 June 2020




Ultrafloor are nearing completion of the Belconnen Markets project in the ACT. Ultrafloor were awarded the horizontal design and construct package for the lower and upper ground floor slabs.

The Ultrafloor structure consisted of both the 200C-965 and 250C-965 Metal infill system. The Ultrafloor beams were sitting on Ultrafloor flat slab bands beams which provided the primary support for the Ultrafloor system.

Ultrafloor designed, supplied and installed 3700m2 of Ultrafloor beams and flat slabs as well as 1200m2 of load bearing AFS wall systems.

This $100 million redevelopment will provide users with a European style market hall designed to feature a high roof structure that is based on passive sustainable design principles, allowing for significant natural light and ventilation

The project is due for completion in November 2020.